Inclement Weather


Occasionally we are forced to have an early closure of school because of unforeseen circumstances such as sudden changes in the weather, power outages, etc.

We would like to plan ahead with you to ensure your child’s safety in an emergency.  Please talk to your child about possible alternate plans.  Discuss whether or not someone will be home, if the child can get in the house, or if there is a friend or relative living nearby where the child can go. 

Please consider that the telephones may not be working during a storm.  Also consider that several hundred children in the school cannot use the telephone quickly, nor can the secretaries call parents to let them know school is closing early.  Please discuss this type of emergency situation with your child(ren) so that we can cooperatively work together to ensure the safety of all.

If weather conditions during the night or early morning require the school not be opened or delayed on a particular day, this will be televised and broadcasted over the following stations:

KARE 11 TV               WAXX 104.5 FM Radio

KSTP TV-Ch. 5         

WEAU TV-Ch. 13        

We will continue to use Skylert, our electronic communication system to notify parents of school closings/early dismissals and will post information on the school website:

Remember, you as the parent/guardian have the final say whether or not your child should be traveling to school in unstable weather conditions.