Welcome to Elmwood School District! I am pleased to serve this community as the Superintendent. We are truly blessed here in Elmwood with a community that values and supports our school district. Our students are fortunate as they enjoy the benefits of a small school while having an array of programs and activities available to them throughout their 4K- 12 experience. The Elmwood School building encompasses all students in grades 4K-12; and having all students together under one roof produces a family-like nurturing atmosphere. My hopes are that every child succeeds by developing a solid character and by developing their personal talents and knowledge, all while pursuing their passions/interests; and then realizing their given potentials. We have a passionate and caring staff here in Elmwood who values every student. Student success is our business.

Glenn H. Webb

Mission Statement

The School District of Elmwood believes that we must make a concerted effort to help each student develop feelings of self-worth and confidence which will enable each to experience a sense of pride and accomplishment in our highly technological and rapidly changing society. Our multifaceted educational program involves development and utilization of skills, attitudes, and values which enables each student to develop potential as an individual and to make useful contributions as a member of society.